Here’s A Great “Reed!”

Reserve reeds are crafted using naturally-grown cane from D’Addario’s own fields. D’Addario has pioneered the first practical and precise system to digitally measure and cut the incredibly complex geometrical patterns necessary to reinvent single reeds. These reeds are cut to the tightest tolerances, offering the most consistent performance.

  • Ideal for the advancing student and professional
  • Expertly designed and made in the USA (from foreign materials) by a team of top musicians and engineers
  • Available in half strengths, from 2.0 to 4.5
  • Offered in boxes of ten and packs of two reeds

What Can You Expect From Playing Reserve Reeds?

  • A rich, warm tone
  • A heavy spine that promotes dynamic flexibility and exceptional tone quality in all registers
  • A narrow rail slope to produce consistency of response
  • A traditional tip thickness for ease of articulation

Why Willis Music Likes Reserve?

It’s simple, you save money in the long run with less waste in the box than other brands because of the quality control and better machinery used in making the Reserve reeds. This is not just another reed! I like them so much that I worked out a special deal with D’Addario so that I can offer you a chance to try them out with no risk. I challenge you to prove me wrong!

How Can You Try Reserve Reeds For Free?!

From now until November 30th, Willis Music will give you a free 2 pack of Reserve reeds for free for every 10 or 12 pack of Rico “orange box” or 10 pack of Juno reeds that you purchase. This will let you try these amazing reeds without one more penny coming out of your wallet.

I can only offer the 2 packs for free in the strengths of 2.5, 3 and 3.5 for clarinet and alto sax. Sorry tenor saxes, maybe next time.

I am not responsible for side affects that this may cause. The only known side affect is that you will love ’em.

Where Can I Go To Get These Reeds?

-Go into any Willis Music Store!

That’s how it works; easy as pie! One thing to note with your online order, you do not have to add the 2 packs to your cart. We will automatically ship them at the strength of the Rico “orange box” or Juno reeds that you buy, unless you send us a follow up e-mail with a different request. Place your orders before November 30th!

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