If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift, we have a great solution: one of our fun and affordable ukuleles! Why a uke? They are great for beginners and experienced players alike! Ukuleles are an approachable instrument for beginners to learn and are exciting for experienced players to add variety to their musicianship. You can see our fantastic selection of ukuleles if you click here.

The best part about buying that special someone a ukulele for Christmas is they can enter our “Uke” Can Do It Photo Contest on Facebook! You decorate a ukulele however you want as long as it is family appropriate and enter the contest! The uke with the most likes wins! Sounds pretty sweet right?

Here are the steps on how to enter the uke contest:

Step 1: Buy a super awesome ukulele. We recommend one of these but the canvas is up to you, as long as it is ukulele.
Step 2: Pick the medium you would like to use to decorate your uke. Again this is up to you but oil based pens and Sharpies work well!
Step 3: Choose your design. We want to see how creative you can be! Make sure you have fun with it!
Step 4: Take a picture of your finished uke.
Step 5: Go to facebook.com/WillisMusicCompany and find the tab that says “Uke” Can Do It Photo Contest and click on it! 
Step 6: Fill out the submission form and submit your picture!
Step 7: Get as many people as you can to like your photo and you could win a $50 Willis Music gift card!

Parents, this is the perfect way to keep your kids entertained over Christmas break! The best part is you are not only giving them a fun new instrument and project, but you are giving them the gift of music and art! Are you wondering how introducing your children to music is beneficial? Click here to read twenty benefits to music.

While this contest is a fun way to get kids into music, it is not only for beginners or for children! It is for anyone who wants to join! We know “Uke” Can Do It and we want to see all of your amazing designs! Here are a couple to get the ideas flowing!


If you have any questions you can visit your local Willis Music store or call us at 859-283-2050.