Preowned Marshall DSL100 Head Serial Number V010CF2E9U

Brand: Marshall

Model: DSL100HR

Finish: BlackLocation: West Chester

Price: 599.00

The DSL100HR has two gain channels to produce that legendary Marshall sound. The amp can move between two sounds within each gain channel. There are two master volume functions so you can bring your solo to the forefront.

The DSL100 can be easily taken from the bedroom, to the studio onto a gig using the five available speaker outputs, it also has the ability to record and a standby function for silent recording.

Using the individual reverb for the two foot switchable gain channels, effects loop, and tone shift controls allow you experiment with your style.

The DSL100 can be used in many environments as the power can be reduced from 100W to 50W without affecting the quality.

The amps features can be controlled using any MIDI equipment, so you can play this amp and different MIDI equipment at any one time.

Amp is in great shape with no real visible wear.

ZV010CF2E9U Serial Number V010CF2E9U

This product is at the West Chester location for more details please call 513-777-7474 or request more information.