1975 Haynes Handmade Custom Flute w/David Williams Headjoint

Brand: Haynes

Model: Handmade Custom

Year: 1975 Finish: Solid SIlverLocation: Lexington

Price: $5600.00

This gorgeous Haynes Handmade Flute is on Consignment from a local artist/educator. It was made to order in March of 1975 featuring an Inline “G”, “B” Foot, and Solid Silver body and mechanism, and has been paired with and outstanding David Williams headjoint. It comes with the original case and has engraving by an independent artist. Great response, depth of sound and color, this flute represents what we all know Handmade Haynes flutes to provide.

This product is at the Lexington location for more details please call 859-273-4063 or request more information.