Used Donner Morpher High Gain Distortion Pedal

Brand: Donner

Model: EC742

Finish: RedLocation: Eastgate

Price: $24.99

Let your little fresh tube amp power can be issued full stack speaker tones, full of loud voices. Maintaining sound natural and relaxed sounds structure. There will be no panic frequency, no dull bass, no obtrusive medium and have a good adaptability to the distortion. High-Gain Distortion pedal with excellent dynamic response and definition especially suited for Lead playing.

There are three function knobs, namely LEVEL, TONE and GAIN. LEVEL is used to set the distortion volume. TONE is to set the brightness of tone. GAIN is used to set degree of distortion. Great condition with minor scratches.


Three models:





The Willis Music Customer number is ZX000QMXAIR

This product is at the Eastgate location for more details please call 513-752-6341 or request more information.