Used Eminence Electric Upright Bass

Brand: Eminence

Model: Electric Bass

Finish: NatrualLocation: Kenwood

Price: 1299.99

This Eminence electric upright bass is designed with the working musician or performing student in mind!  It is much easier to move around than a standard upright bass.  The bass is in very good condition, includes the proper cases, and the electronics are very clean and clear.

  • Small body size allows the Eminence bass to fit into any conventional car, and the removable neck model can really make it into tight quarters.
  • Standard-size D neck and scale length for familiar feel and playing ease.
  • Fully adjustable bridge height allows personalized action adjustments.
  • Removable Waist Extension simulates typical double bass contact.
  • Special design padded gig bag included with purchase; both basses come with a full size heavily padded bag with the usual pockets and handles. The removable neck model also includes a neck bag, so when you take it apart there are two bags that will cushion it within whatever hard case or other transport item you use.


  • Neck:Rock Maple
  • Fingerboard:Ebony
  • Vibrating String Length:41-1/4 inches
  • Top:Arched, Laminated Spruce
  • Back:Arched, Laminated Curly Maple
  • Air Chamber Depth:3 inches
  • Body Size:10½ x 31½ inches
  • Bass bar:Solid Spruce
  • Sound post:Solid Spruce
  • Bridge:Maple, Fully Adjustable
  • Strings:D’Addario Helicore Hybrid Strings
  • Pickup:Realist, specifically modified for this instrument
  • Tailplate:Solid Brass
  • Endpin:Fully Adjustable with Steady-foot™ Anti-rotational Endpin Foot (see photo below)
  • Total Length:63 inches
  • Weight:Fixed Neck – 13 lbs., Removable Neck – 14 lbs.



Eminence Upright Bass

Matching Cases and stand.

This product is at the Kenwood location for more details please call 513-252-0445 or request more information.