Used Vintage Buffet BC-20 Clarinet

Brand: Buffet Crampon

Model: BC-20

Year: 1970Location: Kenwood

Price: 999.99

This is a Buffet BC-20 clarinet.  It has been serviced through our repair/service center, and is ready to be played!  This is a pro model clarinet that rivaled the R-13 model clarinet.  The new Buffect Tradition model clarinets are modeled after the BC-20.


The Buffet Crampon BC 20 used to be the professional Buffet clarinet and was produced from 1960 until about 1985.

It was the upgrade model to the S1. The bore is similar to the RC and both models were built for 442Hz. If you come along one, don’t be surprised how good it sounds. The biggest difference compared to modern clarinet has less to do with the design than with the way it was built. The wood was naturally aged and the majority of keys were cast, which was the technology of the time. They were less precise than modern keys. If a BC 20 or S 1 is properly restored, got new rods and screws it can be an excellent instrument.

The BC 20 was marketed in Europe and even longer in Asia. Instruments with a serial number starting with F, are built for 442Hz.
The sound is full and round.



BC-20 Clarinet

Original Case




This product is at the Kenwood location for more details please call 513-252-0445 or request more information.