Warning: Adorable Babies Playing Music Alert

Summer is an exciting time for learning music. So many fun things happen in the summer and it is a time where music making really comes to the forefront of what we do. The month of June even includes National Make Music Day- but more on that later.

As many of you know, we had Free Lesson Day in all of our stores a few weeks ago. We were so pleased with how many people came out and participated. We even had a few employees join in and they really got a lot out of it. You can hear more about Laura’s experience here.

Beginning lessons in the summer really gives you and your child a lot of time to practice- or even practice together. But on top of just taking lessons, there are so many other fun activies that can be done with music in the summer. One of those things is our class called Discovering Music. Discovering Music is a class for children anywhere from just a few months old to 5 years old. The class will be facilitated by Holly Hankin, one of our great employees at Willis Music Eastgate. Holly is currently working on her degree in Music Therapy and really has a passion for bringing music into a child’s life at a young age.

I really love seeing young people learning music. I make sure that whenever I get invited to a baby’s birthday, I bring along a gift that is in some way musical. I have tried to train my nephew early so that he will definetly be playing an instrument. He already has the perfect piano hands! Here is a picture of him with his hands in perfect position (So maybe the toy is upside down but he’s still young!)

Discovering Music will be on Tuesday mornings from 10:30-11:30 at our Eastgate Mall location. We can’t wait to see you there. I will leave you with this adorable baby- I’d say his parents have the right idea!

Colleen Cranley