West Chester May 2017 Events Calendar

May 1st – Tim McGraw’s Birthday – 5% off Acoustic Guitars

May 4th – Star Wars Day – 10% off for anyone dressed as a character.

May 8th – Joe Bonamossa’s Birthday – 5% off electric guitars.

May 13th – Stevie Wonder’s Birthday – 5% off keyboards

May 14th – Dance Like a Chicken Day –  5% off for doing the chicken dance while here.

May 22nd –  Talk Like Yoda Day – 5% off you will get for talking like Yoda during your transaction.

May 23rd – Annual VIP Event – More details to come

May 24th – Bob Dylan’s Birthday – 10% off harmonicas.

May 26th – Miles Davis’ Birthday – 5% off trumpets.

May 27th –  Monthly Open Jam!!!

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