Will Deters- Wears Doughnut Shirts.. Pretty Fly Guy

Hello, all! My name is Will Deters and I am the Director of Print Music for the Willis Music Company. I have been with the company since July of 2017, spending one year as a salesperson at the Kenwood location and being promoted to Director of Print Music in July of 2018. I am thankful for the opportunity Willis has provided for me to move up and understand both sides of the music retail coin.

Though I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio to a not-so-musical family, I had a rather large interest in music since I was a child. At age thirteen, I borrowed my cousin’s classical guitar and I was hooked from then on. I soon attended Saint Xavier High School (Class of ‘13), and studied music theory, performance, and was a part of the Men In Black String Ensemble, a competitive and high profile secondary school ensemble in the Tri-State area. Afterward I attended Loyola University Chicago to study Music and Business and perform with the University Chorale and Chamber Choir.

In my free time from performing and studying various facets of music at Loyola, I interned with several Rights Management and Post-Production companies in addition to working with a lot of music production projects on my own. Though I am still recording and producing music after I graduated, my interest in the business aspect is growing every day and I am so thankful to be a part of a company like Willis Music that has nurtured my interest and made me feel like I’m at home.