Willis Music Artist of the Week – Jack White

Congratulations to Jack White, who has earned the distinct pleasure of winning the first Willis Music Eastgate Artist of the Week Honorary Artist Award. (WMEAotWHAA.)


In this video, you can clearly see the genius it takes to not only invigorate the cliche of playing a noisy, rather unpleasant song in an old abandoned warehouse that only a select few are cool enough to enter and even fewer do so willingly, but he does it twice at the same time in a bizarre sky blue against black Spy vs. Spy takeoff. This kind of time paradox is rarely seen in videos of more sane artists. Speaking of time paradoxes, Mr. White has seen fit to popularize Eastwood, Airline, and Harmony guitars which have all fallen into blatant disregard years ago for good reasons such as inferior manufacturing, sub-par components, and overall distasteful sound.

Mr. White has had a distinguished career full of edgy choices, which has garnered him a lot of attention, most notably from Triumph the Comic Insult Dog in his song “I Keed.” Jack also is in the running for an Oscar in the “Looks most like Johnny Depp’s rendition of Willy Wonka” category. The only thing that probably keeps Mr. White from winning this prestigious Academy Award is that he would need to tone down his wardrobe quite a bit to match Willy Wonka’s (relatively) toned down style.