Wow… “Kid’s Got Talent!”

Parents, can your child shred on the guitar? Can they play a sick beat on the drums? Can they strum a tune on the banjo? Or are they masters at playing the pots and pans? Whatever musical talents they have, we want to see it!


Let’s face it parents… you never pass up an opportunity to brag about your kids so here is your chance to brag as much as you want! Hey…no judgement from us, we say “the more bragging the better!” We want to see videos of your kids playing their instruments and showing off their mad skills on and the winner could win your family the big bucks…when we say “big bucks,” we mean in the form of a $150 Willis Music gift card. Can you imagine what your child could get with a $150 gift card?!

Does your kid ever dream of being a star when they grow up? Here is the chance to make their dreams come true. Adults out there: we know you might be a kid at heart but this contest is JUST for children so please spare our eyes and refrain from dressing in a diaper and posting a video of you playing an instrument! We don’t want you scaring the children… or us for that matter. We know there are plenty of kids out there who are musically talented and we want them to be seen. Just think kids… all that time during Thanksgiving break when you will be sitting in front of your video games with clammy hands withering away or getting stiff thumbs… you could make a video and win some ‘moola’ instead! So kids, are you ready to rock n’ roll? Tell your parents to bust out their cameras (or camera phones) and film you “meltin’ some faces!”

Need some examples to get you fired up? Here you go! Check out these kids awesome skills!

Contest Details
Here is how to enter the contest: Take a video of your child playing their instrument and then Submit it at The Video with the most “Likes” will be the winner and that child will get a $150 Willis Music gift card! This contest is for children only – No Adults!! No sexual innuendos or inappropriate content either please. This contest is kid friendly.

When:October 1, 2014 through November 30, 2014
Who: Anyone between the ages 0-18!

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