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With over a century’s worth of experience manufacturing world-class acoustic pianos and over a half-century in Hi-Fi audio and electronic instruments, only Yamaha can offer such a range of Acoustic Pianos, Pro Stage Pianos and Industry-Standard Synthesizer Workstations to consumer Portable Keyboards and Digital Pianos. Only Yamaha can offer an instrument for musicians at every level.

Willis Music and Yamaha are no strangers to partnership. Both have served music enthusiasts and professionals since the late 1800’s and have been partners for over 40 years. As of January 2016 they joined together again with their keyboard divisions to ensure that customers across Kentucky would receive the level of service and care that both companies strive for. Yamaha’s level of craftsmanship matched with the education, experience, and service of Willis Music have now joined forces to give the best to customers in the Commonwealth. We look forward to the future together with Yamaha and are excited to add one more opportunity for our customers to enjoy.

Grand Pianos

Yamaha Grand

Unparalleled in their beauty and musical range, grand pianos are the ultimate expression of the piano maker’s art. Yamaha is proud to present a comprehensive line of incomparable grands that reflect the company’s continually evolving acoustic and technology.

The Flagship of the CF series, the CFX full concert grand piano represents the pinnacle of Yamaha’s tradition of piano crafting. Beautifully made and with an exquisite tone across the entire dynamic range, the CFX has the power to project its sound to the furthest reaches of any concert hall.

Crisp attack. Sparkling tone. Clean harmonies. This is the birth of a new series of grand pianos that builds on the legacy of Yamaha’s CFX concert grand piano.

With the full resonant tone and range of classic grand pianos, Yamaha baby grands are an excellent choice for smaller rooms and budgets.

Upright Pianos

Upright Piano

Combining art and craftsmanship, the broad range of Yamaha upright piano models meet the requirements and sensibilities of pianists at all levels.

P Series pianos are mid-range models with high-end quality and features. Despite their affordability, these pianos are built with Yamaha’s care and attention to detail.

The production know-how of the SU7 has created a piano with superior voicing: a superbly crafted instrument with inspiringly rich sound and delicate balance.

Thanks to comprehensive redesign, these world-standard instruments are better than ever, with numerous advances in materials and construction.

The b series, like all Yamaha pianos, are instruments of extraordinary, natural beauty, combining art, craftsmanship and technology ; a pleasure to play and to own.

The most affordably priced Yamaha uprights, the M series deliver the sound and quality you’ve come to expect from Yamaha.


Clavinova Image

Yamaha makes the finest digital pianos around. The absolute best Yamaha digital pianos are Clavinova and Modus. Grand piano touch, tone and pedals are emulated at the highest level.

Clavinova CVP / CGP Series has a rich, subtle sound and exceptional dynamics from the gentle pianissimo to the powerful fortissimo. Models range from 10 voices (including harpsichord and organ) to hundreds of MIDI instruments, and many include effects, large full-color display screen, and even built-in karaoke.

The Clavinova CLP Series next-generation piano sound source recorded from a world-class Yamaha full concert grand piano. A keyboard that allows you to fully express emotions in sound.

Willis Music’s Yamaha Representatives:

Rick Fuchs Rick Fuchs in front of a piano.

(859) 283-6050
Florence, KY

Rick holds a BA degree in Marketing Management. Rick’s life long musical pursues started at a young age with piano lessons, than woodwind instruments and guitar. Rick joined the Willis Management team in 1991 and managed the Tri-County and Florence locations. In his current role as the Director of Steinway Concert and Artist pianos he helps pianists who come to play at the musical venues in the Cincinnati area. 

Dustin Austin Dustin Austin in front of a Piano.

(859) 273-4063
Lexington, KY

Dustin studied music education at Morehead State University. He has studied the piano for 25+ years. His experience with the instrument includes teaching, musical theater, weddings, funerals, parties, selling & serving as a church pianist for nearly two decades. In his opinion, music is a language meant to be shared with everyone. It is extremely important to mold & encourage younger generations to have a passion for the musical arts. Let our staff help spread the joy!

Matthew PowellMathew Powell in front of a piano.

(859) 396-4485
Cincinnati, OH and Lexington, KY

Matthew studied music education and vocal performance at the University of Kentucky. He has played the piano for over 29 years and today teaches and performs locally with many groups including the Cantabile Vocal Ensemble. To him the piano isn’t just an instrument, it is the start of a journey which enhances everyday life. With over 15 years experience Matthew has worked with many different types of customers and institutions helping them generate ideas with a vision to meet their present and future needs.

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