On Saturday, January 9, 2016, middle school and high school students from all over Northern Kentucky gathered at Northern Kentucky University to audition for District 6 Select Band.  Several schools from eight counties had ambitious musicians competing for just a few available chairs. Being selected to participate in this band is quite an honor.

Music containing scales and two melodic selections were provided to the student’s months in advance. After rehearsing this music in class and at home, the students auditioned for local directors in an anonymous fashion.

The students were judged on proper tempo, articulation, rhythms, dynamics, style and overall tone on the instrument. After hours of listening to auditions, the best were selected. We are proud to say that the daughter of Michele VanSickle, Abigail, made the Middle School Select Band on her tenor saxophone.



The final group rehearsals and performances are set to be at Northern Kentucky University.  The District 6 High School Select Band activities are scheduled for March 10‐12, 2016. The District 6 Middle School Select Band activities are scheduled for April 22‐23, 2016.

We would like to congratulate all the students who made Select Band as well as the students who did not. Auditions take a lot of practice and courage so in my book everyone who participated is a winner. We would also like to thank directors such as Ms. Carole Farris, Director of Bands at Summit View Middle School for judging and making this such a great experience for all.